DISTANT REALITIES  is an experimental design studio and architectural practice founded by Marine Lemarié* FR/AT and Nicolas Stephan** DE. Distant Realities understands design and architecture as a medium to unveil hidden realities and possible futures in an entangled world governed by intricate systems of rules and obligations. Our work relies deeply on our interest in ecology, politics, economy, and technology and can be described as research-based, aiming to give alternative realities to current worldly situations. We do not consider our projects proposals, but scenarios, incorporating elements of the utopian as well as the dystopian. We merge the latest digital techniques with conceptual thoughts to create narratives in which unseen realities transform into visible ones.

We explore existing realities. We imagine future ones.

Currently we are in the process of designing two homes. Our work has been a finalist at KRob 2020, featured at Future Architecture 2021 and our digital environment “Common Ground” has been shown at the Public Play Space Symposium and was published October 2021. We published and exhibited online for Los Angeles’ gallery studio106la and have planned upcoming shows in Europe for the year 2022.


Marine Lemarié 

is a designer with special interest in critical and conceptual practices in architecture, media and digital culture. She graduated with distinction from SCI-Arc’s Design of Cities postgraduate master program and from Innsbruck University’s Master Program in Architecture. Her most recent work has been published in Archinect, Offramp and exhibited at A+D Museum in Los Angeles. Since 2020 she is a Senior Lecturer at the Architecture Faculty of UIBK, Austria where she teaches design studios and focuses on the application of machine learning in design strategies and currently beginning a PhD. She is also leading her design practice Distant Realities which is a research-based architecture office.


Nicolas Stephan 

is a designer with a particular interest in speculative and research-based design practices. He graduated with honors from the Design of Cities Postgraduate Program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture and received his diploma from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Innsbruck. His work has been published in Offramp and exhibited at the A + D Museum in Los Angeles. Since 2021 he has been a doctoral candidate at the i.sd University of Innsbruck, where he researches user-machine interfaces in the field of robotics in architecture. He is also a co-founder of DISTANT REALITIES, a research-based architecture and design studio.