Distant Realitiesis an experimental design studio and architectural practice founded by Marine Lemarié FR/AT and Nicolas Stephan DE. Distant Realities understands design and architecture as a medium to unveil hidden realities and possible futures in an entangled world governed by intricate systems of rules and obligations. Our work relies deeply on our interest in ecology, politics, economy, and technology and can be described as research-based, aiming to give alternative realities to current worldly situations. We do not consider our projects proposals, but scenarios, incorporating elements of the utopian as well as the dystopian. We merge the latest digital techniques with conceptual thoughts to create narratives in which unseen realities transform into visible ones.

We explore existing realities. We imagine future ones.

2023 New Now Festival, Zollverein, Essen, Germany2022 Hello Void!, BRUX, Innsbruck, Austria 2021 Potenziale 3, aut, Innsbruck 2022 Ambivalent Architectonics, VA[A]DS, Georgia 2021 PAINT, Studio 1-0-6, Los Angeles / Berlin, CA, USA, Germany 2019 Speculations at the EDGE, A+D Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2023 Rabbit Island, MI, USA
2023 Metabolic Sublime, Media Lab Matadero, Madrid, Spain
2022 Vorbrenner, Innsbruck, Austria

Public Lectures
2023 Documenta Institut & Naturkundemuseum Kassel
2021 Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
2021 i.sd, University of Innsbruck

Grants, Scholarships & Prizes
2023 K.I.E.Z. - Bridge to Market, Science & Startups, Berlin
2023 Globus Opstart, Nordisk Kulturfond, Copenhagen
2023 Rabbit Island Foundation
2023 Stiftung Zollverein UNESCO-Welterbe Essen
2023 Media Lab Matadero
2022 Vorbrenner Innsbruck
2020 KRob Animation Category Finalist
2018-2019 SCI-Arc Postgraduate Student Scholarship

Publications2022 Approaching Architectonic Interfaces: Considerations for an Interface-centered Design Methodology, ACADIA Proceedings 2022 COMMON GROUND: Online Platforms for Bottom-Up Collaborative Decision Making in Design Education, CDRF Proceedings2022 “Imaginative Machine Synthesis in the Early Design Phase”, TRAITS of Post Digital Neobaroque Conference
2022 „HELLO VOID!“ und das Spiel mit übernatürlichen Kräften”, article on Komplex, author: Florian Gucher
2021 Essay “PAINT the creative potential of odd software“, Studio 1-0-6
2021 Common Ground, Public Play Space Symposium Proceedings, IAAC, ed. Chiara Farinea and Marco Ingrassia
2021 Cruising Taxes, Future Architecture
2019 Cruising Taxes, Archinect
2018 “The Open” Project Feature ed. Masha Hupalo, Heidi Au Yeung, Dan Otte
2019 Ocean Governance, Essay, Offramp 16: Trauma
2019 Sovereignty For Sale, Essay, Offramp 16: Trauma

2024 Raumklasse, Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany
2022 VA[A]DS, Free University, Faculty of Architecture, Tbilisi, Georgia
2020 - 2022, i.sd, University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Architecture, Innsbruck, Austria


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